The blog is the place where you can share your knowledge about Rise of Kingdoms. Help other governors to achieve their goals by sharing tips, tutorials, or guides for events and commanders. You can also publish an article about the most recent update.

Who can post on the blog?

Everyone can post on the blog, and there is no limit to article submission. However, after creating an article on the blog, it won’t be posted until a moderator review it. You will receive a notification if your article gets approved or declined.

How to get your article approved?

Before the article’s approval, there are some requirements to have only helpful and relevant articles in the blog.

  • A descriptive title and subtitle.
  • Good quality image (thumbnail)
  • Minimum 300 words per article
  • Include descriptive images

Share your tips with the community, and let’s all grow together.

Remember: an article on the blog will give you more points than any other activity on the site.

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