Dear Governor, a new journey is about to be beggin. Let’s conquer all Kingdoms together!

Welcome to Rokverse, the first social network for Rise of Kingdoms.

Our mission is to help you connect with Governors from every Kingdom and create the best environment possible for Content Creators and Governors from all Kingdoms.

Follow Your Favorite Governors

Rise of Kingdoms has many players, and sometimes it can be not easy to find the governors that speak your language or have the same interests as you.

We help you find, follow and chat with them from across all kingdoms.

Share Your Achievements

Share with everyone what is happening in your Kingdom, whether there is a new King, a KvK season coming up, or your most significant achievements on the game.

Follow and keep posted with the news from your favorite Content Creators and Governors, such as your alliance members or the most active players from every Kingdom.

Create Fan Pages And Groups

Grow the presence of your Alliance, Kingdom, or yourself as a successful ROK player.

Get closer to players with the same interests as you by joining groups. Set a public group to allow everyone to post or make it private and only can be accessed for approved members.

Publish Articles On The Blog

Share your knowledge about Rise of Kingdoms with tips, guides, new changes, or any relevant new in a blog type post.

Create Funding Campaigns

Ask your followers to join your cause by starting a funding campaign and receive donations from everyone or send donations to other governors to help them reach their achievements.

Explore The Official Marketplace

Sell and buy physical merchandise from Rise of Kingdoms in the marketplace.

Download The Mobile App

Bring all the enhanced experience of Rokverse to your mobile. Receive live notifications from chats, comments, or new posts. Never miss any relevant messages from your favorite governors.

Download the apps from Google Play and App Store for free. Don’t forget to rate us in the official stores.

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